An email was sent on 2nd April 2019 to all those who had previously registered an interest on this site. The email contained a link to the information already provided.

If received, that link should be used to access the website, otherwise those individuals will be required to re-enter all of their details afresh. Please note, it is possible that this email may have moved straight into SPAM folder/junk email. 

Please note the claim issued by Edwards & Co. relates to vehicles purchased in Northern Ireland. However, owners who are resident in Northern Ireland and purchased their vehicle in England, Wales or Scotland may be eligible to join in certain circumstances. Please contact our offices if this applies to you. 
A trial of the preliminary issues in the claim in England and Wales has been listed for 10 days starting on 2nd December 2019. This hearing has the potential to decisively conclude the England and Wales claim, or a substantial part of the claim, or otherwise substantially cut down on the scope and costs of the proceedings. The decision of the English Court may also encourage the parties to settle the dispute.  The Court in England and Wales has made several directions with regard to exchange of information between the Claimants and the Defendants in advance of that date.

There is a further review scheduled at the end of May 2019 and we shall provide a further update with regard to the England and Wales claim after that date.

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