Our application for a Group Action Order (GAO) was adjourned in September to allow the parties to come to an agreement as to the terms of the Order. 

Included in the terms would be;

  1. how Edwards & Co. manages and administers the claims as a group action;
  2. the deadline for owners/former owners in Northern Ireland to lodge their claims and
  3. what information must be provided to the Defendants.

The parties agree on the need for a GAO and on the ability of the Court to make a GAO.  Progress was made towards agreeing a potential cut off date for registering claims and the format of the claims that are to be lodged with the Court. However, the defendants are arguing that considerably more information is required than we believe is necessary.  We will argue this point in front of the judge  as our priority is to minimise costs.

The defendants must now set out the reasons why they require such a detailed and onerous order, in writing, within 14 days and we must respond within 7 days after that.  The hearing of our GAO application will then be heard on 22nd November 2018 (the first available date from the Court).  We shall provide a further update as to the outcome of that hearing.

PLEASE NOTE:  NO DEADLINE HAS BEEN SET FOR REGISTRATION OF CLAIMS IN NORTHERN IRELAND.  Any date you hear of in the press or on social media at present refers to the claim in England & Wales.  It is anticipated that the deadline for owners/former owners in Northern Ireland to register their claim will be approximately 3 months after the Group Action Order is made.


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