As you are aware from our last update we are due to return to Court in September to obtain our Group Action Order.  In the meantime we have had a very useful and productive telephone conference with legal representatives bringing similar claims in the rest of the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.  The meeting was organised to facilitate the sharing of information and to consider a coordinated approach in both evidence gathering and negotiations should the Defendants be prepared to enter into discussions.  Claims in several of the countries are at more advanced stage than our own and it was helpful to hear of the approach that has been adopted by the Defendants in each jurisdiction and what challenges have been encountered so far.  To date there has been no admission of liability in any proceedings.  It was agreed that we would exchange copies of pleadings.

The cost of obtaining expert evidence in these claims will be significant.  It is envisaged that evidence will be needed in relation to the software used and the effect on emissions from affected vehicles both before and after the “fix” has been applied.  The legal teams in Spain and the Netherlands have made progress in terms of identifying suitable experts who are leaders in their fields internationally.  They are to provide further information in relation to the experts in due course.  We are not yet at a stage where we are required to present any evidence in our claim but Edwards & Co. will stay in contact with the other representatives to ensure we are fully informed as to the progress of other claims throughout Europe and beyond.



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