By way of update, we now have around 300 registered claimants. Much of our time to date has been spent ensuring that all relevant details are registered and putting administrative procedures in place, however we are now moving to the next stage. You may have read in the local press that we have issued proceedings in the High Court. The next step will be to apply to the Court to have the case designated a Group Action. This is in everyone’s interests as it is a means of managing costs in the most effective and efficient way. We have now briefed Counsel and are working towards that application. This involves liaising with the lawyers in the English case who are leading the action. Their case is further advanced in that they have instructed experts and gathered what we refer to as ‘liability evidence’, i.e. the evidence that is required to prove that the VW Group is at fault. We are working with them to arrange a means of sharing that evidence rather than duplicating work and costs. Their case is due to be reviewed in the High Court in London at the end of November and following on from that we will make our application for a Group Action Order.

Following this, we will also be in a better position to provide information in relation to costs contributions. The large number of clients means that costs will be very limited as they are shared between the whole group. We are currently exploring the possibility of an insurance policy for the Defendants’ costs, should the case be lost, and shall report on this in the very near future.

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