The Court has ordered that any person who has in any way expressed interest in this claim prior to the deadline of 24 April 2019 can still complete registration and become a claimant in the action.  If you expressed an interest in joining the claim prior to 24  April 2019 and now wish to join you may complete the registration process below.

The registration must be completed on or before 21 June 2019.  If you do not register by this deadline you will not be allowed to join the action.

The process ought to take less than half an hour, but it is important that you complete all the steps.

We request payment in the sum of £120 (£100 plus VAT) from you.  This figure is based on there being approximately 1200 claimants currently signed up to the website.  If the number of registered claimants is significantly reduced the amount payable by each claimant may increase .  This payment is your contribution towards the costs incurred by Edwards & Co. to date in the administration of the Group Action.  As confirmed in previous updates, we intend to refrain from carrying out any further preparation until such times as the outcome of the claim in England & Wales is known.  In the event that the latter claim is successful Edwards & Co. will propose to negotiate with the Defendants for compensation for each claimant akin to that paid in England & Wales.  The Defendants would pay their own legal costs and your legal costs.

If the claim in England & Wales is unsuccessful Edwards & Co. would in all likelihood advise you not to proceed with a claim in Northern Ireland.  In those circumstances the Defendants will seek to recover costs from you. Edwards & Co. will ensure that any such costs are reasonable, and if necessary will ask the Court to determine reasonable costs.  The Costs Sharing Agreement states that all claimants will be jointly and severally liable for the costs.  This means that each of you will be equally and fully responsible for paying the Defendants’ costs.   At this time we do not anticipate that Edwards & Co. will require any further payment from you.  However, the Costs sharing Agreement allows for a further interim payment to be requested should we incur any further costs.

Before you begin    
In order to join the claim, you must have owned or leased a vehicle affected by the emissions scandal. Before continuing, please check whether your vehicle is affected by visiting the ‘Have you been affected?’ section of our website and following through to the manufacturer’s website.


Your Details

How many affected vehicles would you like to claim for?

You may only join the claim if you own or lease (or used to own or lease) an affected vehicle. The manufacturer of your vehicle ought to have written to you to inform you if your vehicle is affected.

Before you continue with your claim, you must check that each of the vehicles in respect of which you wish to claim is affected by visiting the ‘Have you been affected?’ section of our website.

Your vehicle

Vehicle One

Finance includes Hire Purchase, Lease, or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Agreements, as well as personal loans or credit cards.


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